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In April 2020, the rise of COVID-19 cases came with the unfortunate rise of anti-Asian hate crimes. Taking immediate action, the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation developed a new campaign idea called #AiLoveChinatown in an effort to support Chinatown’s Covid-affected local businesses through fundraising, giving Covid-19 PPE Kits, and promoting their stories.

who is this for?

The rise of anti-Asian hate crimes brought a lot of fear and uncertainty to the Asian communities across America, especially in our beloved Philadelphia Chinatown. The logo has serves to unite our Philadelphia Asian community to combat prejudice and support each other through donating, protecting, and volunteering.

how'd you do that?

PCDC wanted a logo that evoked friendliness and liveliness; "something that all ages can identify with and colorful and fun". PCDC wanted to inspire liveliness to the community since many people have suffered due to COVID-19. One of their requirements was to at least have the chinese character, “Ai”, in the logo.

I approached the logo by mimicking the child-like aspect of doodling. Inspired by the iconic Philadelphia Chinatown’s Friendship Arch, the logo takes on a curvilinear abstract form to mimic movement. Inside the arch,  the Chinese character "Ai" connects to the heart with a double meaning: 1. “Ai” in Chinese means “love” 2. The heart of chinatown

okay... that's actually pretty neat! tell me more!

In 17 days, we raised $3,562 to support Philadelphia Chinatown's small businesses!

Merchandise like canvas tote bags and t-shirts were sold with the logo to representing our love and support!


In part of PCDC's efforts to support our small businesses, the funding was used to deliver personal protective equipment.

Photos taken by Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation

Banner designed by Sharon Ardito, Logo by Kathy Chung

Today, the logo is now used by the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation for social media campaigns in bringing together the Chinatown community and their supporters.

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