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Feminale is an International Women’s Film Festival showcasing work about women BY women!

The 2021 film festival’s theme, “Shooting from your Point of View”, encourages audience members to become their own creator/director after meeting and watching works by filmmakers. Feminale helps kickstart VIP passholders in this creative journey by providing an exciting gift box consisting of a disposable camera, festival VIP badge, notebook, totebag, and fun pins; the perfect starter kit to capture your memories and keep as a memory box.

who is this for?

People who enjoy film festivals, want to learn more about filmmaking, and bring light to the importance of women representation in the media! To encourage VIP ticket sales, creating a gift box consisted of swag to be sent before the festival as an exciting incentive and solving the overwhelming day-of-pick-ups.

how'd you do that?

Packaging Design

This kit acts as a welcome gift to those attending the festival with its hinge gatefold. The box reflects Feminale’s theme by highlighting the disposable camera as the first object people will see. Playing with the idea that we use our eyes to look through viewfinders, a panel of the box has a die-cut of an eye where the camera looks through as a sneak peek to the contents inside. 

Chipboard Prototypes

Opening the Box


Feminale challenges the meaning of what it means to be “feminine” and aims to empower the diverse female-identified community.  These core values are reflected in Feminale’s visual language of gritty and graphic illustrations. The brand system focuses on capturing Feminale’s fusion of boldness and femininity through its illustrative wordmark with an eye as its central icon, representing films captured from a woman’s POV.

Illustrative motifs are inspired by film equipments including a camera, a viewfinder, and video editing buttons as a fun easter egg for film enthusiasts/editors.

Procreate sketches to Illustrator Vectors

okay... that's actually pretty neat! tell me more!

Taking the branding guidelines of Feminale, I expanded their visual theme and motifs further inside the box and onto the merchandise like VIP badge, booklet, photo envelope, tote bag, and a disposable camera.


The name, Feminale, is a combination of "Female" and "Finale". Emphasizing the festival to end on a grand note with women accomplishments!

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