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Citizen of the World: Hung Liu

“Citizen of the World'' is an artist catalogue of Chinese-born American contemporary artist Hung Liu and her growth in art impacted by the two countries she lived: China and America.

The book is broken down into two sections, “The Little Red Book '' which captures her life during the Communist Regime in China and “The Green Card” which shares her supposedly liberating life in the United States. Set in chronological order, the artist catalogue begins with Liu’s humble hidden beginnings as an artist with a modestly controlled style through pencil acrylic media. As the book progresses, Liu’s art grows conceptually and physically; large canvases touching the ceilings, mixed media that felt forbidden, and the meaning behind her pieces.

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For anyone who’s interested in learning more about Hung Liu. Hung Liu is a prolific artist that represents BIPOC women in art. Her pieces impactfully calls attention to figures we often don’t highlight like sex workers, working women, and the underclass. This publication is a collective experience, serving as a tribute to Hung Liu’s work while allowing readers to understand her impact in the contemporary world.

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Binded by coptic stitch, the book reveals it’s spine mimicking Asian book binding for their exposed spines

“The Little Red Book”

Spread designs of Liu’s first part of her art journey mimics the reserved and secrecy of her works by scaling down pieces in an organized grid. Poking at Communism

“The Green Card”

Liu’s liberating experiences and shocked reactions to the United States reflect immediately in her next pieces for the next couple years. The canvas has grown, the colors are more vibrant, and the media is vast. Spreads designs aim to mimic Liu’s new work through its more exploratory compositions, sizes, and type.

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The drastic change in spread designs between the two sections conveys the massive difference and growth Liu went through as an artist. The publication has its interactive moments imitating Liu’s size change from the actual little red book in the first section, and expanding spread folds in the second section.

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