what is this?


intouch is a fictional nonprofit that tackles the issue of lost connections by providing a centralized platform for people to share stories about their loved ones as a starting point in one’s journey of reconnection.

Along with its website, intouch provides additional opportunities to push stories through print and digital spaces. With intouch’s growing community of lookers and helpers, the journey of finding someone will no longer feel lonely.

who is this for?

One of the biggest sacrifices immigrants face when leaving their home country is the possibility of losing touch with their loved ones back at home. Social media has allowed us to vastly connect miles away in sharing and liking posts, but this heavily relies on the children of immigrants and/or social media savvy people. The process of finding someone can feel intimidating and confusing and poses the question, “where do I start?”

how'd you do that?

intouch’s branding system heavily surrounds itself around the individual’s personal journey in their photographs, relationship to the person, and key information to personalize their narratives.

I wanted to convey: comforting, intimate, and healing

Inspired by the phrases we say everyday, “Let’s get in touch”, “Let be in touch”, and “Let’s keep in touch”, the logo word mark closes the gap between “in” and “touch” to symbolize the action of getting back together. The logo appears often in copywriting so it was important to have a legible mark.

okay... that's actually pretty neat! tell me more!


The website focuses on acting as a informational site about the nonprofit but also as a community page to help centralize lost loved ones stories.


The first booklet is a saddled stitched informational booklet about nonprofit as an organization and what they do. In order to tie in the audience, the copywriting opens with personal questions.


Taking the concept of "Missing Posters", I decided to reinvent it's meaning from an urgent search call to a friendlier i-am-thinking-about-you poster.


Although our main audience are people looking for their lost loved ones, intouch also strives to remind each other to reach out and stay in touch with the people we already have around us. The postcard project features 7 different postcards saying "who do you miss?" in 7 different languages. This would be an activity for a tabling event to involve audience participation and learning more about this nonprofit.


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