what is this?

PAAFF 2021

The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival is back with its annual setlist of new short films!

PAAFF's 2021 theme, “Pause & Unpause,” serves as a reminder to their audience that as we press “play” on returning to normal, we should also be taking time to pause, recuperate, and reflect.

who is this for?

Philadelphia Film Fanatics! Asian community of Philadelphia Approached by Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival to lead in their designs this year, we brainstormed initial theme ideas. We wanted the theme to be something reflected in the impact of Covid-19 and the rise of anti-Asian

how'd you do that?

Inspired by everyday video consumption, the design captures movement through the perspective of a video player that audience has the power to hit “pause” or “play”. Integrating PAAFF’s branding colors gives more liveliness and depth within the composition. 

okay... that's actually pretty neat! tell me more!

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My very first graphic design poster was a film festival poster for my high school back in 2017! It really warms my heart (and cringe) to see my growth in design with 4 years apart :) Biggest shout outs to Darian Ehya and Selena Yip for giving me this opportunity!

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