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Drexel GD Senior Show 2022

Drexel University’s Graphic Design Senior Showcase annually highlights the capstone projects and other amazing work of Graphic Design seniors.

The 2022 show was an exciting return to in-person, after operating virtually during the height of the pandemic. The exhibition was held on June 6th - June 7th, but our digital showcase can be found online via our website!

Taking the memories the Class of 2022 shared over the last 4 years, I led my committee as the lead designer in developing a branding. The system focuses on our design process connecting to our mental health, paired with a maze motif that symbolizes the nonlinear process of design. With the additional support of the digital showcase, booklet, and marketing committees, my role was to ensure visual consistency across in digital and print assets. 

who is this for?

The showcase targets the Graphic Design Class of 2022 to represent our thoughts and feelings over the last four years. The show is open to Drexel students, professors, faculty members, families, and friends to look at the hard work our seniors have been producing. The event is also an opportunity for Alumni and hiring recruiters to meet and interact with seniors in hopes for future job opportunities! (like me!)

how'd you do that?

We wanted our brand to show us overcoming the adversities with the support of our community of peers and professors we have built over the last 4 years. It was important for us to portray:

  • Our diversity and community (because we’re the largest class of 53!)
  • Our experiences for the last 4 years (juxtaposition of digital and print)
  • Our emotions reflecting the highs and lows of design
  • Our sprinkle of inside jokes that kept us smiling throughout the program

From then on, each member of the committee made their own interpretation based on the brief. 

We wanted our system to come off bold, playful, and uplifting. We often talk about our memories of “jokingly” living in our program building, the URBN center, and that immediately became our driving force.

okay... that's actually pretty neat! tell me more!

Inspired by our building’s architecture (which we lovingly call a maze) we simplified our floor plan and rebuilt it as a complex pattern. 

The design process is never linear (like this process itself). The brand system is broken down into 4 motifs that represent the 4 phases of design:


Taking inspiration from these 4 phases allowed us to generate assets in forms of textures, hand drawn elements, and vectors based on things we use and see in our daily processes

Facebook Event Graphic


Thank you to the amazing chairs and committee members that truly pushed this showcase into fruition!

Branding & Design Chair: Kathy Chung

Marketing Chair: Grace Larivee

Booklet & Event: Safia Jeff

Digital Showcase Chair: Aaron Monro & Han Khuong

Branding & Design Committee:

Riley Barrett

Lauren Bulka

Eugenie Kwon

Madeline Nguyen

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