Art Direction and Brand Identity for Drexel University's Graphic Design Senior Show 2022

who is it for?

Drexel University’s Graphic Design Senior Showcase annually highlights the capstone projects and other amazing work of Graphic Design seniors.

The 2022 show was an exciting return to in-person, after operating virtually during the height of the pandemic. The exhibition was held on June 6th - June 7th, but our digital showcase can be found online via our website!

Taking the memories the Class of 2022 shared over the last 4 years, I led my committee as the lead designer in developing a branding. The system focuses on our design process connecting to our mental health, paired with a maze motif that symbolizes the nonlinear process of design. With the additional support of the digital showcase, booklet, and marketing committees, my role was to ensure visual consistency across in digital and print assets.

The Class of 2022
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what is this?

According to our team, the class of 2022 potentially looked like this:

Even further, we were looking for something that conveyed us overcoming adversity, a community, our humor, and our home for the last 4 years.

And we found it.

Thank you to: