Logo design for PCDC's unifying campaign, #AiLoveChinatown

In April 2020, the rise of COVID-19 cases came with the unfortunate rise of anti-Asian hate crimes. Taking immediate action, the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation developed a new campaign called #AiLoveChinatown in an effort to support Chinatown’s Covid-affected local businesses through fundraising, giving Covid-19 PPE Kits, and promoting their stories.

PCDC wanted a logo that evoked friendliness and liveliness; "something that all ages can identify with and colorful and fun" to spark hope and a sense of togetherness since many people have suffered due to COVID-19. One of their requirements was to at least have the Chinese character, “Ai”, in the logo.

The logo serves to unite our Philadelphia Asian community to combat prejudice and support each other through donating, protecting, and volunteering.

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Thank You to:

PCDC for trusting me to do this logo!

Victor Lam for the Chinatown photography