Art Direction and Poster Design for the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2021 and 2022

Working with the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival for the second time in a row, I had the opportunity and prior experience to develop and propose theme ideas and design concepts!

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Theme: Intersections of Our Identities

PAAFF's 2022 theme, “Intersections,” takes on Philadelphia as its core inspiration. Philly is home to over 100+ neighborhoods that our identities walked, ran, and weaved through. To our gender fluid folks perusing through Philly AIDS Thrift for the next best fit for a night out and then stumbling into Choo Choos for hangover Pho. To myself a recent graduate who spent the last 2 years trying to imitate slightly more advanced home-cooked meals because pasta got tiring so it was time to hit up the Chinatown supermarkets. Our nationalities, ethnicities, our sexualities, our interests and hobbies, and so much more, allows us to cross paths here in Philly.

Taking inspiration heavily by the idea of a map, floating icons pinpoint important landmarks reflecting Philadelphians beyond the Rocky Steps and Liberty Bell.

Poster Process

Theme: Pause & Unpause

PAAFF's 2021 theme, “Pause & Unpause,” serves as a reminder to their audience that as we press “play” on returning to normal, we should also be taking time to pause, recuperate, and reflect for what happen in the last year, for each other, and for ourselves.

Thank You to:

Darian Ehya for presenting this opportunity and guiding me throughout this process!

Selena Yip for trusting me each year to create festival work and being our AMAZING director!

The rest of the PAAFF team and PAAFF goers for their never ending support!