Reconnecting lost loved ones over seas, one story at a time.

intouch is a fictional nonprofit that tackles the issue of diasporas who lost connections with their loved ones after travelling. With language barriers and rapid technology advancements, often times children of diasporas take on the mission to help their relatives find their lost loved ones through social media — but not everyone is on all social medias. Being a centralized platform for everyone to share stories about their missing loved ones resolves that.

Along with its core website, intouch provides additional opportunities to push stories through print and digital spaces. While the target audience of intouch is family of diasporas, it’s also important to remind each other to stay in touch with those who we care about.

My mum in the 1970s

This project was inspired by my parent's own journey immigrating from Vietnam to America. For my family, our diasporas wasn't a smooth plane ride to the states, but illegally crammed into the bunker of a fisherman's boat drifting off to sea.

It is estimated that out of the 2 million people who attempted to flee Vietnam by boat, roughly 800,000 were successful in finding a new home outside of the country. Somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 people are estimated to have died attempting to escape the country by boat.

Growing up with social media, I did not realize it was not common for everyone to see posts of their peers helping their parents find their lost loved ones after immigrating or looking to find closure. The success rate of reconnecting with someone over social media is possible, but often slim. This inspired my capstone to find a resolution to this.

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